Mont Blanc Pens – Discount & Cheapest Deals:

Looking for discount or cheap MONT BLANC® pens for sale? Be very careful! We reviewed 100’s of websites that sell what they claim to be authentic Montblanc pens at the cheapest discount prices. We were surprised to find out that the majority were selling really low quality fakes.

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So how do you find a Montblanc pen at an affordable price? Keep reading and we will show you where to get the best deals, as well as how to instantly spot fakes and avoid being scammed…


Instantly Spot Counterfeit Pens

The easiest way to spot a fake pen is the logo. The pictures below show a real box with the proper logo on it and also a fake one. The left picture is the authentic one and the right is a fake. You can see how easy it would be to buy a fake if you don’t know what to look for.

real montblanc pen logo
fake montblanc pen logo

Where To Find Legit Pens At Discount Prices

It goes without saying that purchasing directly from the manufacturer leaves you assured that you’re buying the genuine article. However, there is usually a big price tag attached to this peace of mind, as buying directly also ensures that you’re paying the highest possible prices for the best product. The web displays countless results for discounted Montblanc pens, but how do you tell if what they’re selling is legit?

The web displays countless results for discounted Montblanc pens, but how do you tell if what they’re selling is legit?

Although you may be able to find what could be perceived as ‘good deals’ online at Amazon there are of course a few pitfalls associated with purchasing from them, namely that they usually don’t have the correct documentation that’s issued by Montblanc with every pen. In our opinion that is simply unacceptable when buying a luxury pen. An obvious indication of fakes is that they use misspelled names such as ‘monte blanc pens’ ‘monteblanc pens’ etc. Strictly speaking it should be Montblanc all one word but actually we have found that many legitimate retailers often get this wrong as well.

Proper premium online shops offer a great alternative though, providing you with all the relative details and documentation necessary, confirming the authenticity of your item whilst also remaining a cheaper and cost-effective alternative to buying directly.

Below we give you a comparison review table of the best Montblanc pens whether you’re in the US, UK, or anywhere else in the world!

Pen Models: Find the Best One For Your Needs

You need only to look at their diverse portfolio of writing instruments containing fountain pens and fine liners, to ballpoints and mechanical pencils, to see why Montblanc is the industry leader. To appeal to a broader clientele, the ranges offered by Montblanc attempt to satisfy every conceivable taste, while of course retaining the iconic classic looks they are so well known for.

Below are some mini reviews which give a brief overview of these pens. All of these options are now available to buy from the most reputable online stores by clicking the buttons below.

Meisterstück fountain

The original line of pens that made the brand the success that it is, this is where it all began. To this day the Meisterstück remains a popular line, with its characteristic looks and traditional gold plating it’s instantly recognizable. Of course, there’s a good reason behind the prolonged success of the line, asides from its timeless design and quality craftsmanship, there’s also a degree of adaptability.

The Meisterstück range has changed with the times, constantly reinventing itself to stay relevant to a modern audience, whilst still retaining its traditional values. This is evident across the range, with a huge variety of writing mediums and extravagant finishes available.


montblanc starwalker pen

The term StarWalker is an apt metaphor for this stunning line of pens; hailed by themselves as ‘uncharted territory’, the StarWalker range pushes the boundaries of what’s possible. Ergonomically designed and available in a range of materials including a lightweight carbon fiber, they utilize state of the art technology to deliver the best possible results.

Undoubtedly the best example of innovation within the range is the ScreenWriter pens, with interchangeable tips for writing on touch-enabled devices such as tablets or smartphones.

Cruise pen collection

Offering a point of difference over the other Mont blanc lines, the Cruise Collection retains all the finery and tradition of its counterparts but in a bolder way. Available in an array of bright uplifting colors and finished with a precious resin, the laid-back style of the Cruise Collection provides an alternative that manages to achieve a fun feel on an otherwise professional looking pen.

montblanc cruise pen


It’s easy to over-do a piece with jewels and precious metals and end up with something rather gaudy. The Bohème collection from Montblanc does feature jewels and fine finishes however the result is charmingly endearing, which can only be put down to the remarkable design and craftsmanship.

montblanc boheme pen

The most decorated piece featuring over 1430 diamonds and weighing in at an astonishing 15 karats, the Boheme collection is nothing short of breathtaking. Wherever you go this pen is guaranteed to turn heads, the subtly placed diamonds working in harmony with the striking design to create an exceptional writing experience.

The muses edition

As the name suggests the muses edition is aimed at encapsulating the aura of 20th-century muses, a relatively new line of Montblanc Edition pens, what better way than to start with the undeniable Grace Kelly.

montblanc muses pen

The Princesse Grace De Monaco is fittingly elegant in profile, with a seductive hourglass-like figure and a feminine neckline running from the top down to the clip. Available in a variety of finishes, each with a pink topaz situated across the clip.

Great characters edition

There are few people who make the exclusive range of Great Character Edition, but for those that do; they have really earned the right. From the likes of US president JFK to legendary musician John Lennon, this line successfully attempts to capture the very essence of these figures and translate that into the pens. The writing instruments are offered in rollerball and fountain.

montblanc great characters pen

Each individual element of the design has been thought about and link in some way to truly represent the ‘Great Character’ it stands for. The result is an inspirational writing implement, both in quality and its reminiscence to important figures.

Writers edition

There’s not a lot of things that are more relevant to a writer than a pen, the writer’s edition pays tribute to some of the most influential writers from across history through this very medium. Paying homage to distinguished writers who have contributed to their art form, it successfully embodies the personality and attributes of many great writers like Daniel Defoe or Honoré De Balzac and channels it all into their range of Writers Edition pens.

montblanc ballpoint pen

There’s a Mont Blanc pen suitable even for the most discerning of tastes, what’s more, the selection above doesn’t limit itself to just fountain pens or fineliners. Whatever medium you prefer to write in and whichever design appeals to you, there’s a pen here that will fulfill all your requirements. With pens being such an essential item, it’s easy to overlook their importance, get the pen you deserve.

Paying For a Quality Writing Instrument

Montblanc is now synonymous with quality in a whole range of luxury and classic items. But the company was founded by three gentlemen focusing on one core product: the Montblanc pen. Have a look at the following video, narrated and starring none other than Hugh Jackman to get a real insight into the company.

Revered for their superior quality and with a rich history in providing the best classic luxury writing instruments, Montblanc has been the leading name in the luxury pen industry for well over 100 years. Since its first foray into the market in 1906, the brand has built on the successes of pens like the Meisterstück and the StarWalker range to grow into the internationally renowned company we know them as today trading in shops all over the US, UK and online.

Although the market has changed and their portfolio has diversified they have still stuck to their roots, crafting exquisite, precision built pens of unparalleled quality with mainstays such as the affordable Classique range.

Of course, these pens don’t just rely on the reputation of their predecessors, each and every line is made with only the finest materials. Even what could be considered their ‘basic’ affordable models are designed with the best aesthetics and build quality in mind, featuring the likes of gold plating and precious resin finishes. At the higher end pens are embellished with engraved signatures from renowned figures like those in the Writers edition or Great characters edition.

Why are Montblanc Pens So Expensive?


Where the range really excels is in the small details, you only need to study the pen to see the craftsmanship that goes into each and every model. Look closely at the Meisterstück Diamond Legrand pen and you’ll see a total of 43 diamonds creating the iconic logo, or study the intricate engraving on the nib of the Princesse Grace De Monaco. All of these factors are the reason the pens cost so much money.

Regardless of what model you decide on, you can rest assured that it’s of the utmost quality in all areas. In an age where the majority of consumer goods are manufactured, the master craftsmen still make each pen by hand, ensuring perfect results every time.

There are even some used Montblanc pens for sale at certain online stores.

Mechanical pencil sets

As you may have guessed by now Montblanc is much more diverse than just pens, so it would be an injustice for us not to mention the mechanical pencil sets available in a variety of the above lines. Mechanical pencils offer many advantages over their conventional counterparts, enabling users to draw or write to a greater degree of accuracy. Combined with the effortless grace and style, the assorted selection of Mont blanc mechanical pencils is a clear winner!Purchasing a pen is all well and good however without the right accessories or the appropriate aftercare you could be putting your newly invested writing instrument at risk. Below you’ll find all the vital information, that’s essential when owning the genuine article.

Accessories and refills

The extensive range of accessories offered exclusively by them is the perfect way to compliment your new pen. Choose from document trays, desk pads, letter racks and much more, each designed with the same amount of care and attention as dedicated to the range of writing instruments. Of particular relevance is the Mont Blanc Pen tray, finished in full-grain Italian calfskin it provides convenient and stylish storage for both your pens and refills.

Cases & storing

real montblanc pen logo

Almost as important as the pen itself is the case designed to hold it. Cases designed by Mont Blanc serve two main purposes, to protect your pen and to mirror the style and of its contents. The result is a unique mix of practicality and personality; it serves a functional purpose without compromising on structural integrity or visual appeal.

Of course, all pens will come in a leather-bound retail box, that can also double as a desktop case, however, there is an appealing alternative in the form of the ‘pen pouch’. These convenient pouches can easily be kept on your person, safe from loss and on hand should the need arise. The importance of having the proper case for your Montblanc shouldn’t be underplayed, after the initial investment of the pen itself the addition of a corresponding case is small in comparison. By purchasing a case you’re essentially safeguarding your writing instrument from damage or accidental loss.

Buying official refills

montblanc official refill

It can be tempting to purchase cheaper refills for your pen, however, in doing so you could be inadvertently damaging your pen. The inks used in non-specific refills could prove harmful to either the internal mechanisms or cause a reaction to the precious finishes, leading to long-term damage.

The refills offered by the company ensure that this worst-case scenario never becomes a reality, with purpose-built refills for all product ranges, from cartridges to exquisitely designed ink bottles. Fake refills really don’t compare to these.

Repairing and servicing

Just like a classic car or a vintage watch to keep it in perfect working order a Mont Blanc pen will require servicing, particularly the more complex models like the fountain pens. If the worst does happen and it becomes inadvertently damaged, simply search for your nearest boutique or service center. This can be anything from cosmetic damage to the precious resin finish, re-plating of precious metals or mechanical damage that affects the functionality of the pen. Whatever it may be, Mont blanc craftsmen take great pride in their work, paying attention to even the tiniest of details, so needless to say when it comes to repairs it pays to take it to the professionals.

Buying parts

Buying parts for repair or as an addition is as easy as purchasing the pen itself, with staff on hand at the Montblanc boutiques or service centers to deal with your request. With that said however, there are of course some parts that can be bought and applied at your convenience, the clips and nibs being prime examples. There is a wide selection of genuine replacement parts, available across their many ranges. As a trusted reseller of pens, we believe there is no alternative that matches the quality of the recommended manufacturer’s parts, that’s why we don’t compromise on quality, everything we promote is the genuine article and not a replica.

Why buy Montblanc?

As if you needed more persuading? As can be seen from the above, the selection of different models and pen type combinations is nothing short of extensive. There are of course other luxury pen brands out there, but none of them compare to the style, build quality and level of craftsmanship that goes into every Montblanc pen.

It’s difficult to put a price on an item that’s had so much love and care devoted to it, each pen pays testament to the skill it takes to produce them, resulting in a refined balance of superior design and penmanship. One thing we are certain of is that with us you’ll find the perfect accessories, cases, parts, pens, and refills for sale at a competitive price and from a charitable company.